A Couple’s Pain

Our relationship with God  like a bad marriage. We keep failing him at many points in our lives but because of the finished work of the cross he heals our marriage with his love sacrifice.

A People Of Power, A People Of Prayer

Prayer is how we invite God into our lives and situations. Jesus teaches us to approach God with the confidence a child has when petitioning a father. When we are devoted to pray together as on family in faith, God will always answer.

Unity in Diversity (Thorn Park)

The glory of who God is in our lives shines the brightest in our diverse unique individuality. In as much as we have something very unique to offer, it is the unity we have in Christ that brings all of the differences into oneness with the Son and the Father.

Pointers To Jesus (Sandy’s Creations)

Pointers to Jesus In today's world, wealth gain and the influence of riches have replaced the place of God in our lives. It is impossible to find satisfaction in this life without Jesus. No matter where we go looking for solutions, Jesus remains the answer. The need for God in...

Preachers Disobedience (Leopard’s Hill)

The whole Bible, from the first page to the to the lasts is about Jesus. The Old Testament is as important as the New Testament and puts the New Testament into proper context. It reviles the heart and plan of God for man from the inception of creation, the fall...

God’s Heart for the poor (Thorn Park Congregation)

Do we sometimes convince ourselves that God cannot work in a place or into a situation because it is just too hard? Is this true here in Lusaka, when we see so much need all around us? The environment around us cannot stop God's work. If He calls us to...