At Gospel Central Church the gospel is central to who we are as a faith community. It is central to us being shaped into the image of God, our Father. We are on mission together helping people become passionate followers of Jesus.

We want to see our community, our nation and the nations beyond LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, SERVING THE WORLD.

Where new faith communities are formed, churches will be established. To be on mission together with Jesus means dying to our preferences, dying to our comforts. We humble ourselves by embracing his empowering Spirit and His word, to prepare us for the mission ahead.

Apart from him we can do nothing of eternal value.

Church is a big deal to Jesus and to us.

We think it is pretty awesome to be part of a spiritual community. It is where care, growth and change happen. Jesus even calls it his body and his bride! Get to know us better by checking out our web site or get in touch if you have more questions.