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Baptism publicly announces our faith, identifies us with Jesus, and symbolises the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. It is the way that God wants all new believers to go "all in" and go public with their faith. It is a simple act, but it takes great courage. Keep in mind that baptism is not something that saves us eternally – that happens when we come to know Jesus.

Who should be baptised?

Baptism is a command and expectation for every believer who has made a commitment to Jesus. If you were baptised as a child, you may not have made the decision on your own to follow Christ in baptism. If you have not been baptised by immersion since asking Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour, we invite you to be baptised at Gospel Central Church. How should I be baptised? At GCC, we believe the Bible teaches that baptism should be by immersion in water as a believer.

Does baptism make me a Christian?

Baptism is something that God commands and expects every believer to take seriously and to go through as an act of obedience. However, to say that baptism "saves" us or that baptism is required before I can go to heaven contradicts the teachings of the Bible. Jesus told the thief on the cross, "Today, you will be with me in paradise". The thief had no time to be baptised before dying moments later. Baptism is simply the first next step of obedience for a new believer in Jesus.

Can my family be baptised together?

Yes. We love to see family members go through baptism together, but we don’t recommend waiting long for family members to make a decision for Christ and we are careful to make sure that children "own" their own decision for Jesus.

What should I bring on baptism day?

Bring an extra set of clothes applicable for immersion in water.

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