Manie and Lindsay Lombard were serving on the leadership team of Craig Clark at Urban Life Church, Jhb, South Africa, when they responded to God's call to establish a new church in Lusaka, Zambia. In June 2008 they held their first Sunday meeting as South City Church in the house of the then principal of Baobab College, Tim Middleton.

A few months later meetings would move to the hall of Baobab College. Since that first meeting, more congregations have been established at Zebra Crossings Cafe in Feb 2014 and in May 2015 at Martin House Trust School in the Chisamba Farming Community. The meeting at Zebra Crossings Cafe later outgrew the space and moved to The University of Africa's premises in Thorn Park.  

South City Church also started congregations in Serenje in October 2016 and Leopardshill, Lusaka in February 2017. Our Baobab College congregation moved to Sandy's Creations in Nov 2016.

South City Church's name was changed to Gospel Central Church on 30 May 2017.

Church is a big deal to Jesus and to us.

We think it is pretty awesome to be part of a spiritual community. It is where care, growth and change happen. Jesus even calls it his body and his bride! Get to know us better by checking out our web site or get in touch if you have more questions.