Jesus, in his famous story of the Good Samaritan, insists that his followers do something about the pain and injustice we see all around. As a church we notice and respond to the needs of the vulnerable in our city. Join us in making a difference.

For this purpose, we have placed "Love Boxes" at all our Lusaka congregations. When you have excess items that can make a difference in the lives of others, just bring them along when you attend a meeting. If the item is too big, leave a note with details in the basket and collection can be arranged.

We partner with the following organisations & church:


Streetwise has a passion to make a difference in the lives of street children in Lusaka through engaging them on the streets, providing limited medical care and empowering them through art projects. Learn more.

Impact One Initiative

Impact One Initiative is a nonprofit organization providing vulnerable children in Zambia hope and a future through education. We believe that education has the potential to break the chains of oppression faced by many in Zambia. But too many children in Zambia never have the opportunity for a quality, life-changing education. Based in Lusaka, Impact One Initiative is equipping existing community schools to more effectively educate their students to impact their families and transform their community. We are giving untrained, volunteer teachers the resources and skills they so desperately need to become excellent at raising up tomorrow’s leaders.

Where you can help

Reading Volunteer. Working in small groups to help children practice reading skills. Activities include reading books, playing literacy games, and working with flash cards. Weekday and weekend time slots available.
Teacher Workshops. Facilitating workshops for community school teachers to learn new skills. Skills vary from literacy and math to discipleship and business development. Whatever your skill, we can find a way for you to share it!
Marketing Tools. Helping us create a collection of pictures, videos, and resources to share our work with others. You can be the photographer, editor, or story writer for us.
School Donations. Collecting children’s story books, educational resources, and teaching supplies to use in our community schools.  Contact us for a list of specific needs.

Learn more.

Life Assembly of God Church

 They are amazing ambassadors for Jesus in their community, Ng'ombe Township. They responded to the needs of their community by establishing a Primary and Secondary School, a clinic and hospice and also adopted numerous children over the last decade. Gospel Central Church focusses on capacity building within this amazing church.

Prison Ministry

A ladies group of our church engages with ladies in the prisons in and around Lusaka through Christmas parcels, Blanket drives during winter and other needed projects.

Whether you’re people-oriented or task-oriented, outgoing or quiet, there are fantastic opportunities to connect with teams that will be a great fit for you.

God Shaped You For Significance!

Saved people serve people, so we move from being consumers to being contributors. We fight hard against busyness so that people can invest their time, resources, and energy into a sweet spot within Gospel Central Church.